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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Combat Guide

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance has frequently drawn comparisons to Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim, and while that’s apt to some degree–they are expansive, open-world games that present you with a great deal of freedom–there are other areas where they greatly differ. There’s of course the complete absence of anything magical in Kingdom Come, which seeks to deliver a world based more in history than fantasy, but combat is also quite different.

Put simply, there’s a lot more to account for during a fight in Kingdom Come. There’s much more going on than simply hacking away with your weapon–you have to bear in mind the type of armor your enemy is wearing, the type of damage your weapon deals, and more if you hope to be truly effective.

In the video above, we walk you through some tips on how to excel at combat in Kingdom Come. We look at the different weapon types, leveraging combos to deal extra damage, pulling off perfect blocks and master strikes, and some other useful tidbits. One thing you’ll want to always do is stay on the move, both to keep your opponents off-balance and to ensure you’re in proper position to attack. Unlike many games, you’ll be unable to swing your weapon if doing so would cause it to go through a nearby wall.

Kingdom Come launched recently on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s an experience not without its faults, but those don’t necessarily mean it’s worth overlooking. As our Kingdom Come review states, “It’s an impressive and unflinching look at the medieval era that transports you inside the compelling story of a real person caught in the middle of a civil war. As such, this is one of those rare, memorable games that stays with you long after you stop playing. While quirks and bugs can certainly be frustrating, none of these issues interfere much with the unique and captivating nature of the overall experience.”

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