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Killzone 4 Shadowfall – First 3 Minutes Gameplay – OffScreen Record

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Hey everyone, as mantioned before, we tried to get our hands on a PlayStation 4 today until waiting for our Pre-Order Bundle Edition with Killzone!

So our Partner and Friend ‘Pejo’ managed to get his PS4 Day One Edition right today, here some screens from GAME-STOP were we picked it up:


Here’s right wat you waiting for, First 3 Minutes Gameplay from Killzone Shadowfall, have fun watching:

And here’s also the HIGH QUALITY / HIGH BITRATE Footage officialy from Sony Playstation BLOG, so you can imagine a little bit better how the Graphics are:

Important note: Please use a video player with hardware acceleration when viewing the footage. We recommend Windows Media Player for Windows users and QuickTime Player for Mac users. Do not use a non-accelerated player (such as VLC Media Player) because the framerate and resolution of this movie are simply too high and will likely cause choppy playback.

Click here to download the video.

Thanks for all our Fans, Friends and everyone for this support 🙂


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