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Keine Sony Kamera beim VR Headset dabei!!

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Hier nur ein kleiner Auszug aus dem Artikel der diesjährigen GDC 2016 mit dem Schwerpunkt VR:


Ever since Oculus debuted positional tracking on it’s second development kit, it has become a standard for quality immersive experiences – separating desktop platforms from their mobile VR counterparts. It allows you to move into the world you are in, rather than simply looking around it, seriously adding to the sense of ‘presence’ in a virtual space.

The PSVR utilizes the PlayStation Camera and a set of large, trackable LED lights to orient the headset in space. The experience, while paling in comparison to Oculus’ Constellation tracking or Valve’s Lighthouse system, is adequate enough to provide a baseline of immersion.

The camera isn’t the only thing that is missing in the box with the PSVR headset, it won’t ship with an input device either. Neither a DualShock 4 controller, nor the PlayStation Move – Sony’s hand tracked input – will ship with the device, both will have to be purchased separately.

Was wir selber sehr interessant finden das Sony vermutlich eine 2te Kamera Version plant aber nocht nicht bekannt gibt bis zum Launch des Headsets, aber wir sind gespannt wie sich das noch entwickeln wird.


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