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HP Highlights 3D Printing Tech Growth at Global Innovation Summit

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At its Innovation Summit in Barcelona this week, HP showcased its growth and the adoption of its technologies amidst a wider push for 3D printing as an  industry. Highlights include multiple companies, including Protolabs, IAM 3D Hub, Materialise and ZiggZagg, upgrading to the company’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. 

At the HP Innovation Summit in Barcelona, Spain, the company showcased its growth in high-volume 3D printing deployments. Ramon Pastor, general manager of Multi Jet Fusion, HP Inc, explains: “The digital transformation of the $12 trillion manufacturing industry is changing the game for the world’s designers, product developers, manufacturing and supply chain professionals, creating massive opportunity for the 3D printing ecosystem.

Multiple companies are making use of HP’s Jet Fusion technology. Firstly, Protolabs, the world’s fastest manufacturer of custom prototypes and on-demand production parts, is upgrading seven HP systems to the Jet Fusion 4210 3D printing platform.

This will be happening in Protolabs’ US and German manufacturing facilities. HP explains that this change will enable Protolabs to meet an increasing demand for global 3D production services.

Secondly, IAM 3D Hub based in Spain, a company which brings private companies, public entities, and R&D organizations together, has installed eight HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D printing systems. The Hub was installed to help integrate and coordinate 3D printing activities around the world.

IAM 3D will also be expanding into educational and training opportunities, with plans to provide business mentioning and grow the industry ecosystem. It has added that to do this, they’ll be “tapping” HP’s industry leadership and technology expertise.

ZiggZagg, a Belgium company and a leading 3D printing provider, installed six HP Jet Fusion 4210 3D printing systems. The reason for this is also a growing demand for production-grade 3D printed parts.

IAM 3D Hub

IAM 3D Hub
IAM 3D Hub

HP Attempts to Drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As well as multiple companies adopting HP’s Multi Jet Fusion platform, other news includes companies which are already using the technology in a myriad of ways. For example, Materialise will be creating custom insoles using HP’s end-to-end 3D solutions.

The Pontifical Swiss Guard, the security force of the Vatican, uses HP Multi Jet Fusion to create lightweight helmets for security professionals. As previously covered by All3DP.

Last year, Syncro Innovation, an industrial design firm located in Quebec, Canada, also created headgear using the technology. But, rather than for guards, their helmets are more accessible for everyone and very useful when riding a bike. Check it out, here.

As well as this, UK-based Ankle Foot Orthosis by Crispin Orthotics is using Multi Jet Fusion to reinvent the orthotics industry. They’re creating precise, more cosmetic and individualized choices for patients.

You can find out more about HP’s technology and its many uses on All3DP, or check out their extensive press release to see more of the companies showcased this week.

Innovation Summit
Innovation Summit

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