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Guy Goes On Pawn Stars With 10 Charizard Pokemon Cards

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Some of the strangest items imaginable have exchanged hands over the Pawn Stars counter.

From dinosaur eggs to a buoy autographed by David Hasselhoff, the expert staff have seen and appraised it all.

However, those still playing Pokemon Go will be particularly delighted by a guy who rocked up with a stacks of 10, pristine, First Edition Charizard Pokemon cards, known as the ‘crown jewel’ of the Pokemon world.

You may be also be completely flabbergasted by the Primal Groudon sized amount these simple cards are worth…

The dude in question – Gary – first starting getting into Pokemon cards when his sons garnered an interest.

When the boys eventually began to evolve into college-age adults, Gary found his passion for catchin’ them all was undwindling. He’s continued trading cards for the last seventeen years.

Pokemon virgin Rick showed scepticism from the off about the collection, but was willing to learn more about its value from his colleague Chumlee.

You can watch the jaw dropping transaction take place for yourself below:

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Rick is more than a little surprised when Gary explains how ten pristine First Edition Charizard Pokemon cards can go for anything between $50,000 to $100,000.

His face is an absolute picture when Gary further states how he’s looking for a sum within the vicinity of $500,000.

Describing the situation as ‘baffling, a bamboozled Rick pulls a Pokemon expert over, Rogue Toys owner Steve Johnston, to evaluate the cards.

Steve offered the following information:

So, Pokemon started in Japan in ’95. Probably about 2000 or 2002 was when it really took off. So that’s why these first edition cards are really hard to find.

Because you still hadn’t created this large market for what it became and Charizard is like one of the best characters in the game.

He’s also one of the most collectible characters in the entire Pokeverse.

I believe there’s less than fifty PSA 10s in existence, and by looking at this, there’s twenty per cent of the market sitting on your counter.

Steve estimated the value of the collection as being between $380,000 to $390,000; less than what Gary hoped but still, a very healthy amount.

In the end, Rick decided not to put in an offer, declaring the collection to be outside of his particular skill-set.

The more Poke-knowledgable Chum said he would make an offer, but Rick still stood firm, declining before shaking Gary’s hand.

Never mind Gary, I’m sure there are many experts who would scoop your service up in a Pokeball – in an instant.

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