Frozenbyte unleashes ‘Huge Seal’ promotion

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We have just received a PR with info on a promotion by Frozenbyte called “Huge Seal”. Check it out:

Finnish game developer Frozenbyte is bringing 27 indie studios together and is giving away thousands of Steam discount coupons for great indie games. Users can also earn a free random Steam key for the games in the campaign by using at least 3 coupons from the sale to purchase games. A promotional video can be found on YouTube: .

“Huge Seal is monstrous! We’re very excited to have games like Mark of the Ninja, Awesomenauts, Antichamber, FTL, Monaco, Terraria, Trine 2: Complete Story and many more included in the campaign, and can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions. With Huge Seal we want to make great games reach more gamers and, at the same time, give gamers a chance to get these games at lowered prices,” said Marketing Manager Kai Tuovinen and continued: “and of course, extra sales never hurt any independent developer.”

The Huge Seal campaign at is a Steam coupon giveaway, starring a horde of seals invading a major city, led by the Huge Seal. You can log in with your Steam account to claim 5 coupons for the games you want from the list, and for every purchase you make, you can pick a new coupon. Also, for every 3 games you purchase with the coupons you get a free random Steam key for one of the games in the campaign. The Huge Seal lasts from November 18th to November 24th.

“It’s going to be, well, huge. We’re very glad and honored to have so many indie studios participate in Huge Seal this year. There’s something for everyone in Huge Seal, so head on over to the site and check it out for yourself!” Tuovinen states.


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