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The Forest Trailer 2 released – Ocolus Rift VR Game

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When we first saw open-world survival horror The Forest in May, it was only the player’s first few days on an island over-run by mutant cannibals. Today a new trailer returns to the island, after the player’s had time to build a home and craft weapons. Send in the mutants!


You see, the game begins with a plane crash on a mysterious island, which pleasingly simulates things like tides and plants dying. Players will need to eke out a living from the land, crafting, building, and avoiding those awful things lurking in the woods.

More importantly, this trailer suggests bird will settle on your outstretched finger.

An alpha version is due later this year on PC, with Oculus Rift support to put the scares right in your face. It’s made by Endlight Games, which was formerly SKS Games.

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