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Discover Big Builds in The MagPi magazine issue #106

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Raspberry Pi Big Builds

Raspberry Pi Big Builds

Super-size your projects with our guide to the biggest builds around: arcade machines, pinball tables, photo booths, magic mirrors and guitars. These are large projects that take time and attention. The result is going to be special.

Summer Projects

Summer Projects

Whether you’re off on a weekend break or looking forward to spending more time in the garden, these amazing outdoor builds take your Raspberry Pi out of the den and into the sunlight. Upgrade your vegetable garden, keep an eye on the local wildlife, keep track of the weather, and even build a smart BBQ. There’s an amazing array of outdoor builds for the summer months.


Picoth two-factor authentication device

Every month we have an incredible array of projects built by the fantastic Raspberry Pi community. There’s a lot to choose from this month, but we love Angainor’s Raspberry Pi Pico project that uses a 4×4 matrix keyboard and LED display to create an authentication device.

Raspberry Pi Ri

Raspberry Pi Ri

Elijah Horland, a young maker from MythBusters Jr. has come up with a clever solution for breaking out the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi 400. Raspberry Pi Ri is a keyboard extension that places a clip-on breadboard in the space to the right of the keyboard.

Pico Voice

Build a Pico-Voice sound effect system

We love Mike Cook’s tutorials. Every few months he comes up with an incredible new make that stuns us (and teaches both us and other readers electronics and code skills). Pico-Voice is another such curiosity. This project uses rotary switches and a DAC to perform digital signal processing on Raspberry Pi Pico. The result is a voice changer that’s educational and fun to play with.

Phil Howard

Community showcase: Phil Howard interview

Every edition of The MagPi showcases the finest projects and people from the Raspberry Pi community. This month we interview Pimoroni’s lead developer Phil Howard (AKA ‘Gadgetoid’). Phil talks to us about blogging, writing reviews and being inside the Raspberry Pi community and all the amazing things he’s built with Raspberry Pi.

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