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[DEAL] Flexible PLA 1kg 2.85mm, 25% Off at $38.79

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British filament maker is clearing its back-stock, slashing 25% off the price of some Flexible PLA.

Designed to eliminate the frustrations of printing flexible filament by adding the ease of PLA,’s Flexible PLA sounds like a dream.

Stiffer on the spool with a shade less elasticity than other flexibles, it boasts low friction and can be printed pretty successfully in Bowden setups. The material properties are said to be rubber-like, at the expense of the elongation you might find in TPU and similar filaments.

To make room for new colors and materials, is clearing stock, including slashing 25% off some of its Flexible PLA colors. A 1kg spool of 2.85mm (in Light Yellow, Fire Red, Light Green and Light Blue) is now $38.79 down from $51.73.

DEAL: Flexible PLA 1kg 2.85mm, 25% off at $38.79

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