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[DEAL] Print Squishy Things with this NinjaFlex Clearance Stock at E3D

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E3D, maker of the popular V6 hot end and Titan extruder has populated the clearance section of its web store with, among others, NinjaFlex filament at 50% off.

If you’ve ever wanted to get to grips with the NinjaTek’s Ninjaflex filaments but balked at the steep price, E3D may just be here to save your day.

For those out of the know, the British maker of the V6 hot end, Titan extruder and a plethora of other market leading 3D printing doodads also happens to populate its online store with a variety of other brands’ wares, including NinjaTek filament.

Currently, there’s a host of NinjaFlex and NinjaFlex Cheetah filaments with hefty a 50% discount in the site’s clearance section.

Take note that not all of the colors displayed are in stock, but many still are.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that since E3D is based in Oxfordshire in the UK, shoppers in the US and further afield will need to factor in the likelihood of a steep international shipping charge.

Deal: NinjaFlex + NinjaFlex Cheetah, 50% off at E3D

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