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[DEAL] MatterHackers Orbit BLTouch Automatic Bed Leveling Probe

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Gift your printer a little self-awareness: MatterHackers’ rebadging of the eminently useful BLTouch automatic bed leveling probe in stock and shipping for $36.81.

We’ve all felt the pain of incessant 3D printer bed-leveling, which is why we’re huge fans of ANTCLABS, the brains behind this nifty little bed leveling probe.

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Mounted to a hot end, the BLTouch gifts a 3D printer the wondrous ability to calibrate it’s own level bed — cutting out the hassle of micro adjustments to thumbscrews and Z-axis offsets. Perhaps best of all, it’s mechanically operated, meaning it works with whatever you have coating your print bed.

MatterHackers rebadges the BLTouch under its own name, the Orbit BLTouch, but assures us that it is the real deal from ANTCLABS. At the time of writing they have it in stock for $36.81, 47% off the list price of $69.

DEAL: MatterHackers Orbit BLTouch Automatic Bed Leveling Probe, $36.81

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