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Cyberith feat. Oculus Rift – VR Gaming Expierence – GAMECITY 2013

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We had the chance to get our hands on the Cyberith VR movement panel, and also the Oculus Rift Glasses. This Guys are amazing.

This is the first time you can really move like you are moving, only that the movement is beeing tracked into the video game!

We had the chance to play a part of HALF LIFE 2 with Oculus Rift and the Cyberith Panel and we had to say it was amazing.


This is something completly new, it is also not the final build by now, so we gonna keep in touch and get you informed more and more about the status of this cool new gaming invention!

Thanks for wathcing.


The Virtualizer

The Virtualizer is a locomotion device with integrated sensors for motion detection. With this device you can move, run, jump, crouch, strafe in your favourite games. This is the next step to virtual reality. Virtual Sports, Virtual Sight-seeing, Virtual meetings, Virtual Social Networks, Virtual Gaming, Virtual Education and Training,…. there are no limits.

Virtualizer Proto2neu2

Virtualizer Proto2neu

The Virtualizer enables walking as well as running forwards, backwards and sidewards. This can be done in all directions, because there is no preferred direction at all. Furthermore the device enables you to turn around, to jump and to crouch. In combination with a usual controller of a game console (like Wiimote or Razor-Hydra) and an adequate device for video output (like the Oculus-Rift, which allows 3D output and headtracking) the Virtualizer makes you feel the game in a much more realistic way. Instead of controlling the character on a monitor by keyboard and mouse, you feel like you were in the game because of the natural motion of your body.

The Virtualizer uses the principle of low friction to enable motion. We have created a surface, through carefully selected materials, that allows your feet to effortlessly glide back without being too slippery.

The advantage of this principle is the easy and in relation to existing systems, which use complex systems of conveyor bands or very large hallow spheres, cheap production of the devices. This allows us to offer a well working virtual reality device for a price, which is affordable for as much computer users as possible. We don’t only want the Virtualizer to be seen in Institutes for Informatics, but in the living rooms of this world.


Gameplay Video:

Demonstrating the Virtualizer Prototype at the Game-City in Vienna!
It was an amazing experience and a great convention!!!

More Infos:


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