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Cool stuff to eat, see, and do in San Diego

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Sightseeing and experiences

Our second widely recommended experience is the San Diego Zoo. It’s no wonder, based on these raving reviews:

I know sometimes people feel weird about the idea of animals being kept in enclosures, but the San Diego Zoo is renowned for their work in conservation and reintroduction of endangered species to the wild. They raise condors, tigers, polar bears, and are one of the few zoos to successful breed giant pandas. -Annemunition

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One of my favorite places to go will always be the San Diego Zoo with friends so I can gaze in wonder at all my favorite animals and get lost in the attractions, not to mention all the Pokémon in Pokémon Go. -Dracontious

This zoo is legitimately the biggest and best zoo in the country – it’s amazing. They also have a separate Safari zone that is pretty cool as well. -Jericho

If the zoo isn’t the walk in the park you’re looking for, here are some literal walks in the park you might be looking for:


Mission Beach Boardwalk: Bikers, skaters, fire pits on the sand, amusement park rides, beach volleyball… Rent a scooter and cruise the boardwalk. It’s a little far from the convention center, but if you’re a newcomer to this edge of the continent then Mission Beach is the peak California experience.


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The USS Midway: The Midway is a museum and tour of an aircraft carrier. It’s at your own pace, so you can go through it quickly or take your time.


Balboa Park: Very rich in history, museums, and a joy to walk around. I often would go to take my pup to the dog park there, but I also personally love to visit the pond and try to spot turtles.


Mission Beach and Belmont Park: Before moving to San Diego, I always made it a habit to visit both. There’s a little amusement park there and one of the best beaches San Diego has to offer. Now after living here, I still try to go as much as I possibly can!

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