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New Playstation Vita 2000 TV Ad

Reading Time: < 1 minute While we are still waiting for an official confirmation of this coming to Europe or America, the Japanese are now enjoying a new TV Ad featuring the PS Vita 2000 and its lighter and thinner body. The new iteration of the Vita is expected to release in 10 days in the Asian country.   Official […]

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Lemmings Touch Announce Trailer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Control the fate of the lovable Lemmings, coming soon to the PS Vita system. ©2013 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Developed by D3T Ltd. Lemmings is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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Sony exec would like PlayStation games to be ‘playable on all devices’

Reading Time: 2 minutes We heard alot about the ‘Cloud Power’ from Microsoft in regard to improving the performance of XB1, but Sony is taking a differ route with their ‘Cloud Power’ and it is all about ‘streaming PlayStation’ games, and at first they are launching it in 2014 to handle streaming PS3 games to PS4, and also there […]

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Check out Vidzone on PlayStation

Reading Time: < 1 minute VidZone is now available in the US. Enjoy thousands of music videos completely free on Playstation 3. VidZone lets you manage your own personal library of music videos and exclusive content from thousands of top bands and solo artists. Search for your favorites, create your own music video playlists or choose from a selection of […]