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ColorFabb Presents New Range of High-Quality 3D Print Filaments

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3D printing users are now able to achieve a whole new look thanks to the development of a unique filament.

ColorFabb, the Dutch 3D printing filament maker, today launched a new filament to its assortment. Based on its bestseller, the co-polyester nGen, the new nGen_LUX has been made using Eastman Amphora AM3300 3D polymer.

The AM3300 offers a unique base for the nGen_LUX’s rare pigment composition.

The company said that the addition brings value to 3D printed pieces.  Furthermore, it’s been specifically designed for use in cosmetics, packaging, interior pieces, electronic housings, and other applications. nGen_LUX may add a bit of bling to the final prints.

Luxury is not actually what the name ‘LUX’ eludes to. Instead, LUX refers to the potential to manipulate light in a diffusive manner.

However, it is this illumination potential that truly makes the filament stand out. By using diffusion reflection to scatter light in all directions, ColorFabb has achieved something truly special.

No post-processing necessary

According to the manufacturer, even at a 0.2 mm layer height, the layering cannot be detected with the naked eye. This offers significant benefits – post-processing is no longer necessary. The filament further includes the top features of the nGen filament (which is basically a form of PETG) such as chemical stability, better temperature resistance for durable designs.

nGen_LUX joins the XT-CF20 as part of the nGen assortment of filaments.

For now, ColorFabb is launching the product in five colors: champagne gold, diamond black, regal violet, star yellow and nature green.

Additionally, for those worried that it may not work in their printer, ColorFabb tested the filament with a range of printers. They include the Prusa i3, Stacker S2 and S4, the Ultimaker range of printers, Lulzbot TAZ 6 and the Robo R2 and C2 models.

The filament is available from today and costs a whopping €79.95 (including VAT) for a 750 gram spool.

nGen_LUX color range. (Image: ColorFabb)

Source: ColorFabb

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