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Colorfabb Launches High-Quality Semi Matte Black Filament

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The new PLA Semi-Matte Black 3D printing filament combines a stylish textured finish for a cleaner, smoother look.

ColorFabb, the 3D printing filament producer, has just launched a brand new filament. The PLA Semi-Matte Black provides a smoother surface finish compared to other PLAs. The filament achieves a high-quality finish because it does not contain fibers.

Conveniently, the new PLA Semi-Matte Black can be used without having to adjust printer settings or parameters. This makes it even easier to give it a try.

ColorFabb also offers two black matte finish filaments – the XT-CF20 and the PA-CF Low Warp. However, these require a hardened steel nozzle for printing.

Meanwhile, the PLA Semi-Matte Black provides improved aesthetics whilst reducing the glossiness seen across most PLA 3D prints. Therefore, surface highlights are less obvious and the final look is cleaner and more luxurious.

The new filament can be printed at the usual PLA temperatures and settings. It is a reliable and easy-to-work-with material similar to other PLA materials.

A spool will set you back roughly $49 or 40 Euro. For more information, head over to ColorFabb and check out the other colors available.

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