Building Your Dynasty in Crusader Kings III, Available Today with Xbox Game Pass for PC

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In Crusader Kings III, we are challenging you to create the greatest dynasty of the medieval world. You will start as a mighty king or lowly noble anywhere in the world, from Scandinavia to Western Africa, from Ireland to India, with an infinite variety of stories and possibilities awaiting you.

Since the goal is dynastic greatness, you need to think about Crusader Kings III differently than you might other strategy games. You certainly get prestige from the land you and your characters directly control, but this is all about family.

Crusader Kings III

Early in the game, it will be difficult to keep large empires together – inheritance laws might force you to divide your lands between many children, each with their own kingdom. This is actually not a bad start in many cases! With each kingly crown, your dynasty gains renown and you have more family members taking actions to advance the line. You don’t want your kingdoms to be too small and divided, but don’t try to keep your lands united at all costs.

Royal marriages are the best way to keep the family growing. Wed your daughters into other houses for alliances, and wed your sons to spread the dynastic name. Though larger nobles would reject the idea, consider Matrilineal Marriages between your royal daughters and lesser houses – she’ll pass her prestige to this minor character, but their children will still bear the family name. Marrying your children to rulers of powerful and influential realms will exert your family’s influence, and increase your renown.

Crusader Kings III

It is also helpful to place family members in control of newly conquered lands. This spreads your bloodline down another duchy or county, adding further to its legacy. There is a risk though! Powerful family members, though usually loyal, could also have a legitimate claim to your own titles and scheme to take them! Let cousins and uncles be successful enough to ornament the family crest, but not so powerful as to be a threat.

Any branch of your dynasty that establishes its own reputation for ruling and warfare may create a Cadet Branch of the dynasty. A cadet branch is still a part of your dynasty, but the creator of the cadet branch and their heirs will be considered the head of the family. This takes some decisions out of your control, but is generally a sign of health, since it means your dynasty is successful enough to sprout new green on the family tree.

Crusader Kings III

As your dynasty increases its splendor, you will be able to add dynastic legacies that will shape the power of every future generation. Will you opt for increased fertility or a fearsome military reputation? Will your diplomatic skills carry through time or will your heirs age more gracefully, losing none of their physical energy?

You set the course of your royal house and rewrite history in Crusader Kings III, available now!

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Crusader Kings III

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Crusader Kings III is the latest version of Paradox Development Studio’s beloved role-playing Grand Strategy Game of medieval conquest and royal court intrigue. Lead one of hundreds of noble or royal families through the Middle Ages, as you acquire power and prestige across the generations. Will you be a wise and pious king or a violent scheming duchess? Perhaps a learned caliph or gentle warchief. Guide your character through a life of excitement, making sure that there is an heir to carry on the family legacy, building an empire whose glory will echo through history. EXPLORE HISTORY A map that stretches from Iceland to India, from the Arctic Circle to Central Africa. Guide a historical dynasty through the centuries. Gather new lands and titles to cement your legacy. Knights, peasant revolts, pilgrimages, Viking raiders… experience the drama and pageantry of the Middle Ages. Be a faithful adherent of your religion, embrace heresy, or start your own faith on the wreckage of failed belief systems. DEVELOP CHARACTER Adopt one of five different lifestyles, perfecting your skills in military strategy or kingdom management. Character traits guide your actions and affect outcomes. Characters that act against their nature develop stress that could bring a new host of troubles. Raise your heirs to be worthy successors, training them yourself, or giving them as ward to a trusted friend or ally. Unworthy heirs are risky, unless you can find a way to get rid of them – legally or otherwise. Choose to use fear as a weapon, using your dreadful reputation to intimidate vassals and family. WAGE WAR Supplement your royal levies with professional infantry, cavalry, and siege weapons, as well as exotic regional units. Research new technologies to increase the wealth and military might of your realm. Hire mercenaries and Holy Orders for your major wars. PLAN INTRIGUES Spy on your court to discover plots against your dynasty and your rule. Find allies in the courts of rivals you are targeting for schemes. Seduce other characters for love or political power. Do favors for your subjects so they will owe you loyalty – or support for your plots against your enemies.

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