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Where Is the Black & Decker Food Hydrator!?

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In the 1989 film Back to the Future II, Marty McFly visits October 21, 2015 and witnesses all kinds of new technology including power shoelaces and flying hover boards. Arguably the greatest technological advancement of them all, however, is the food hydrator. It’s now 9 months until the fated day, but there are no signs or advancements that allow pizza to be hydrated. Are you as disappointed as I am?

The food hydrator works sort of like an oven or microwave. In the movie, Grandma Lorraine puts a small, dehydrated Pizza Hut pizza into the hydrator and says “hydrate level 4, please!” and the pizza comes out normal size and ready to eat. It only takes 12 seconds to work. It’s food magic.

Unfortunately right now, the only way to rehydrate anything it to basically boil it. Obviously, pizza isn’t the ideal candidate for this process. Such a bummer.

It’s not Back to the Future II’s fault for getting our hopes up; the movie had the right idea all along. You have nine more months to rectify this situation, Black & Decker.


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