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Announcing the Top 3 #VIVEPORTAL ARG content creators for Phase 1

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#VIVEPORTAL ARG Wall of Awesomeness

#VIVEPORTAL ARG Wall of Awesomeness

The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive, so much that we managed to unite community members and content creators to take on the challenge as a single, unstoppable force.

Here are some of our favorite comments people made on social media.

Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without the great Influencers and Content Creators that have led the community to solve the intricate puzzles for the #VIVEPORTAL. We want to highlight the Top 3 Content Creators whose communities have passionately solved the puzzles and riddles faster than anyone else.

As a result, these Content Creators will get the opportunity to travel to the actual VIVE Portal in Dubai and enjoy a 2 nights stay at the V Hotel, while making more amazing content of the whole journey. We’re all excited to see the fruits of everyone’s creativity and resolve being recorded and shared for all to enjoy.

For Phase 2, the community will also get an opportunity to harness their creativity and help transform the V Hotel Room into the actual Flow Stream Portal. A Creative Chosen One will also be able to join the adventures of the Content Creators into the VIVE Portal. 

Here we showcase some of the amazing work the Content Creators have done for the #VIVEPORTAL ARG:


PHIA has risen as a staple in the VR community as the host and founder of The Virtual Reality Show, and she’s taken the initiative to answer pertinent questions regarding immersing yourself into the world of VR.  PHIA was the first to take initiative against the Overseers with overwhelming support from her community.  Check out how she solved the riddles in her videos here:



Check out PHIA’s interview in our VIVE Influencer Series


PHIA has shown great passion for VR and has been a champion for the community!

#2 Steve Knows

Steve Knows has a VR news and update channel for enthusiasts to commune and stay up to date with the latest that VR has to offer. While he remains informative, his bright personality highlights his work as if he were a beam of sunshine manifested into a charismatic host.  Steve and his community worked tirelessly for days on Discord to solve the #VIVEPORTAL puzzles. Check out his two-pronged video on introducing the campaign to the community:



Check out Steve’s interview in our VIVE Influencer Series


#3 Jay Jay of IDA (International Dance Association)

Jay Jay has not only taken the VR dance world by storm, but he’s helped form a formal community around VR dance in the creation of IDA, International Dance Association.  Jay Jay and his fellow dancers have exhibited immense skill in their art and expressed charm across the VR community.  Jay Jay put together a video to encourage dancers and VR enthusiasts alike to stop the Overseers through their savvy and creativity.

Check out the video he made for #VIVEPORTAL:


Again, we’re extremely impressed and completely mind-blown by how the community has come together to solve these puzzles. Our team is working hard to prepare for Phase 2, which will involve a variety of creative outputs in the form of videos, meme images, and inspirational/humorous social comments.

Finally, we would also like to give an honorable mention to Eric For President and @eminus for their enthusiasm around the ARG.

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