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Ja OhAdventures in Badging
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Level Step: Adventures in Badging

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Badge Issuer

To earn this "Issuer" badge, you will think about something you value in the world, define the criteria by which you and others will know that value has been exhibited, and then identify someone who deserves to be recognized.

Badge Explorer

A badge is a validated display of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in any environment. The earner of this badge has taken steps to learn about this unique form of achievement recognition and to consider its potential.

Watch a Video: Learn about Badges

Watch a video about the potential for digital badges and share ideas about actions, milestones, behaviors, or skills that people should get credit for achieving, but which usually go unrecognized or unnoticed.

Give Someone Credit

In this Quest you will define a badge that represents the achievement of something you value. You will create a badge for this achievement, and then you will issue it someone who deserves it.

Customize Your Profile

In this Quest, you'll complete your Credly profile and explore the various options for sharing your badges so that you can curate how you showcase your achievements to others.

Begin Earning & Issuing Badges

In this Level you’ll set-up a profile on Credly so you can earn, store, and share badges. You'll also issue a badge to one or more people who demonstrate skills, values or behaviors you have witnesses first-hand.

Adventures in Badging

125 Spiele Coins

Learn about the potential for digital badges and think about skills, behaviors, roles or milestones that often go unrecognized -- but that deserve to be acknowledged.

1 Required Steps

  1. Ready for a new Adventure!


This nomination-based badge recognizes someone who develops innovative strategies and shares new perspectives.

Community Activist

Rewarded to those who take full advantage of available opportunities to explore new information and exchange ideas with peers.