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Absolver Now Available on Xbox One and with Xbox Game Pass

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Since Absolver was first announced in 2016, the Xbox community has asked our small team at Sloclap to bring our melee combat adventure to their favored platform and we’re happy to do finally do so! The gang here are Sloclap are thrilled to be launching Absolver on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass and share our work and the world of Adal with everyone that’s been waiting for this day.



Sloclap is a small studio in Paris full of talented folks with a great deal of experience across the game industry and Absolver is our debut game as a studio. While the team was able to draw upon a wealth of experience from our past projects at larger studios, it was the development of Absolver that put our full complement of skills to the test. From the start we wanted to create a game that combined beautifully fluid martial arts combat with a unique fantasy adventure that blended a solo and online cooperative experience together seamlessly. Our hope is that Absolver would give players a new experience, one that would be accessible to all players but deep enough to demand mastery to unlock its full potential.


Players will arrive in the fallen empire of Adal as a Prospect in hopes of joining an elite corps of combatants, fighting to maintain stability in the world called Absolvers. Customize your Prospect as you see fit from skills and gear to combat styles and stances, players will create their own combatant however they see fit. Prospects will need to train and travel both alone and with others to overcome the trials before them – from ritual combat arenas, to formidable bosses lurking in the shadows, to the mazelike mines of Adal, your focus and skills will be put to the test!


Absolver accomplished a lot of what our team wanted in the project during its initial launch on the PC but also left room for improvement based on community feedback and our own grand vision for the game. The Absolver that’s arriving on Xbox One is a much more complete vision, one that brings along the multitude of updates over the nearly two-year journey for the development team including the recent Downfall expansion. From new combat styles and game modes to new combat arenas and an entire catalog of character gear, Absolver arrives on Xbox One with the full arsenal of content for every new Prospect.


Our thanks to all those on the Xbox team that helped shepherd Absolver onto the platform and our love to the community that has followed development from the announcement until the launch before us now. We encourage everyone to try their hand at the battles and adventure of that lies in Adal and let our team at Sloclap know what you think of Absolver!

Absolver is now available for download from the Microsoft Store and is available for Xbox Game Pass members.

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