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A New Sensation: The Glitch Mob Brings ‘See Without Eyes’ to ‘TheWaveVR’ on Rift

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On Monday, we welcomed TheWaveVR to Oculus Rift. Since then, we’ve seen rave reviews (pun intended), with members of the Rift community calling it “my favorite VR experience” and “some next level sh1t.” And now, this immersive music platform takes another innovative step forward with the release of See Without Eyes—a brand-new album and live show from cutting-edge electronic artists The Glitch Mob you can experience on Rift for free, starting today at 7:00 pm PT!

“We are excited to present the See Without Eyes VR Experience in partnership with TheWaveVR and Strangeloop Studios,” The Glitch Mob says. “This is a completely new way to experience music. We cannot wait for you all to take this journey with us.”

During a 20-minute custom mix of the band’s third studio album, you’ll explore a number of shifting environments while interacting with other people on both Rift and HTC Vive. Those without VR headsets can also join in the fun with Facebook Live. Once the live show is complete, fans will be able to revisit a looped version of the experience in TheWaveVR at any time.

“Imagine being able to fly through fantastical dreamscapes made from The Glitch Mob’s music alongside your friends- or meet people from around the world,” explains TheWaveVR CEO and Co-Founder Adam Arrigo. “In The Glitch Mob VR experience, players literally embody the cosmos while they create parts of the light show as the audience. Part concert, part film, part rave, part art installation, the only way to understand it is to put on the headset and take the trip.”

Clear your living room and get the dance party started when The Glitch Mob drops the bass in TheWaveVR, tonight at 7:00 pm PT on Rift!

— The Oculus Team

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