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5 Reasons How Just Cause 4’s Spring Update Brings More Destruction Than Ever Before

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Get ready for the biggest update ever to the explosive world of Just Cause 4. Xbox One players can get the Spring Update for free starting on May 21 — here’s an exclusive first look at what to expect from this free update to Solìs:

Improvements to World Lighting

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Bringing more vibrancy and visibility to the world of Just Cause 4, lighting has been significantly improved to ensure better visibility and lighting effects. See below some visual examples of the improvements we’ve made:

Just Cause 4 Spring UpdateJust Cause 4 Spring Update

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Just Cause 4 Spring UpdateJust Cause 4 Spring Update

Black Hand units are far easier to identify in low light conditions and the world lighting is far more dynamic. Vegetation and the various biomes in Just Cause 4 feel significantly more vibrant in colour, making Solìs feel truly alive and varied in landscape.

Destructible Black Hand Statues

Make the Army of Chaos proud and tear down these Black Hand statues! Standing on top of pedestals, these destructible statues will break into pieces using your grapple hook or with an explosive or two.

Just Cause 4 Spring UpdateJust Cause 4 Spring Update

You can find these statues in various locations across Solìs. We can wait to see all the creative ways players will bring these statues down!

Improved Combat AI

The Black Hand are more dangerous than ever before and the improved combat AI creates more intense car chases, dog fights, and combat sequences. You’ll have to use all your abilities and items to take on this now extremely aggressive private military!

Just Cause 4 Spring UpdateJust Cause 4 Spring Update

Can you survive a dogfight against the Black Hand?

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New Mobile Chaos Objects

Need a mobile, giant explosion? We’ve got you. The new travelling land and air chaos objects will be moving across the world of Solìs, allowing for more random creative, explosive opportunities for Rico to destroy

Just Cause 4 Spring UpdateJust Cause 4 Spring Update

Just Cause 4 Spring UpdateJust Cause 4 Spring Update

Keep an eye out for these moving chaos objects either in the air or on wheels, then feel sorry for the Black Hand officer assigned the task of transporting huge explosives.

Destructible Metal Train Bridges

Solìs’ metal Train bridges will now explode in spectacular fashion – breaking off into small fragments. Destroying a bridge with two trains on is a life-changing moment you cannot miss.

We have a lot more included in this update, such as Increased ammunition for all weapons and various bug fixes. All these new features ensure that Just Cause 4 is the most explosive Just Cause game to-date.

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