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5 Pictures of the Futuristic Nissan BladeGlider, Boasts Triangular Design

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First unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show yesterday, the futuristic Nissan BladeGlider was “inspired by the aerial engineering of a glider and the triangular shape of a high performance swept wing aircraft.” It’s powered by lithium-ion batteries and can seat up to 3-people comfortably, with the driver getting a perfect 360-degree view of their surroundings.


In order to keep everything compact and shipshape, the BladeGlider’s lithium-ion batteries are placed in the lower-rear side of the vehicle.

Nissan may also for the first time be using in-wheel motors in the final iteration of the BladeGlider to further its space-efficiency and provide extra rear-wheel propulsion and separate motor management.

Official Source: http://www.dvice.com/2013-11-8/nissan-bladeglider-ev-half-glider-half-race-car-and-all-awesome


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