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3D printing and making in The MagPi magazine #97

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Hear world music with RadioGlobe

We love this project by Jude Pullen. Raspberry Pi is added to a toy globe and tuned into internet radio stations. Spin the globe and find a radio station playing anywhere in the world. It uses rotary encoders to know exactly where the globe is positioned at any time.


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Play the Oktoberfest Pinball Machine 

Pinball halls may not be open this year but this Oktoberfest Pinball Machine can be played online, and it’s all thanks to Raspberry Pi. Stan Dmitriev has attached a webcam to the pinball table, and uses a Raspberry Pi and custom HAT to control the pinball plunger and flippers. Log in online and you can play this pinball machine today.

Oktoberfest Pinball

Play GOG classics with DOSBox-X 

KG Orphanides continues a series of tutorials that look at running classic Windows and DOS software on Raspberry Pi. This month KG looks at getting games from GOG, and using Innoextract, DOSBox, and ScummVM to run PC gaming classics from Zork to Blade Runner.

Play GOG classics with DOSBox-X

Build the ultimate home music system: streaming with Mopidy

PJ continues to work on the ultimate home music system. This month we take a Raspberry Pi DAC with a touchscreen and use it with Mopidy. This enables streaming services such as Spotify and Internet Archive to play audio through the system.

Home Music System

Develop a touch interface: Tap-an-LED

Ever wondered how a touch interface works? Mike Cook can enlighten you with the Tap-an-LED matrix. By combining an LED matrix and resistive touchscreen sensor, Mike walks us through the process of building our own Monome music interface. It’s a complex but do-able build that’s informative and fun.

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Make games on Raspberry Pi 

Start out with Scratch and graduate up to more complex game-making systems with Rob’s guide to releasing fully-fledged games. 

Make games with Raspberry Pi

Learn electronic computing with CrowPi2

We review the latest Raspberry Pi laptop-esque build. This time CrowPi2 impresses us with a removable keyboard that houses dozens of electronic components. 

CrowPi2 review

A taste of Raspberry Jam with Alan O’Donohoe

On the eve of its 100th meeting, we chat to one of the organisers of the Preston Raspberry Jam. If you’ve ever wanted to form a Raspberry Pi event, Alan explains why the Preston Jam is such a success.

Alan O'Donohoe interview

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